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Silver HD Digital (S/PDIF) Cables

High end 75 Ohms coaxial digital cable, conform to S/PDIF specifications for transmission of digital signals. Copper and silver braided conductors with RCA connectors and gold plated contacts and Teflon dielectrics. White silicon outer jacket. Designed for intensive use and to resist UVs as well as chemical agents.

SERIES INDUCTANCE: 0.4 uH/ m (micro Henry/ m)

@20°C /1Khz

VIARD AUDIO DESIGN reserves the right to change specifications or fabrication techniques without notice.

All our cables are available in standard lengths of 1m and 1.5m for modulation cables and 2, 2.5, and 3m for speaker cables. Custom lengths are available by request. Speaker cables are available with banana or sandwich spade connectors including banana on one side and spade on the other.

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